Sep 12, 2023
Plant Medicines

You are certain of it. You have a calling to explore the world of psychedelic plant medicines for your healing and spiritual growth. Psychedelics such as Ayahuasca, Psilohuasca and Magic Mushrooms offer powerful and consciousness-altering experiences that can benefit you in many ways. But it is crucial to acknowledge that they are not suitable for everyone. 

In this blog, we will mainly embark on a fascinating journey through the world of Ayahuasca - “the Vine of the Soul”, paying attention to both its positive aspects and the need to exercise caution when exploring psychedelic plant medicines.

Ayahuasca helps you to see inside of yourself & outside of yourself at the same time.

~ Rima Danielle Jomaa

When you’ve decided to participate in a ceremony with plant medicine, your journey has essentially begun. That is why it is important to prepare yourself mentally, spiritually, and physically.

Plant medicines - and Ayahuasca and Psilohuasca in particular, can hold up a mirror to you which can be very confronting at times. When you participate in a ceremony, you must be willing to look in that mirror.

We feel a great responsibility for plant medicines and would like to remind everyone who participates in a ceremony to handle plant medicines with respect.

Plant medicines have been around forever. History shows that indigenous tribes around the world have been using plant medicines for many years. In addition to being used for healing effects of, for example, diseases and injuries, it is also used to enter an altered state of consciousness. To explore the psyche and the deeper layers of consciousness.


Ayahuasca is an ancient brew made from a mixture of a couple of plants. This brew is also known as the Tea, the Vine, la Purga, Mama Aya. The drink is used for spiritual and religious purposes by ancient Amazonian tribes and is used as a sacred drink. 

The brew consists of 2 different substances and acts in such a way that one of the plants neutralizes enzymes in our stomach that decompose a molecule called DMT, which is a potent hallucinogenic in the other plant. Almost everything that lives on earth has DMT (dimethyltryptamine). It is found in all living beings: in plants, in animals, and yes...also in us humans. We produce small amounts of DMT when we dream or meditate. The biggest amounts however are released during birth and death. People with near-death experiences often share mystical stories about worlds beyond our daily reality.​

Ayahuasca ceremonies are often conducted under the guidance of experienced shamans, as the experience can be intense and transformative. It is known for providing profound insights, spiritual experiences, and healing on emotional, psychological, and physical levels.


Psilohuasca consists of 2 substances: psilocybin in cacao and an MAO inhibitor extracted from the vine. In psilohuasca, the psychoactive substance is psilocybin instead of DMT. It is a young composition that is mainly used in Europe. In many countries, the manufacture and use of DMT and therefore the use of Ayahuasca is prohibited by law.

The second part of the name ‘psilohuasca’ derives from the Ayahuasca vine, also called 'the Vine of the Soul', which is used in indigenous traditions in the original Ayahuasca brew. The name comes from the language of the Quichua (South American Indians), which can be translated as "vine of the soul". Aya means spirit, dead, ancestor, or soul. Huasca means rope or vine.

This vine contains an MAO inhibitor that ensures that certain enzymes are not broken down in the traditional brew so that the psychoactive substance from DMT (dimethyltryptamine, the other substance in Ayahuasca) retains its effect. And just to be clear: the psychoactive substance ensures magnified clarity of the senses, allowing you to have different perceptions on multidimensional layers.

No MAO inhibitor is required for psilocybin to work. But due to other unique properties of the Vine, it is taken together. By combining the ayahuasca vine and psilocybin mushrooms, the effects of both plants are enhanced, resulting in a more intense and potentially transformative experience. Psilohuasca is not as commonly known or used as ayahuasca or magic mushrooms individually, but some individuals may choose to explore this combination for therapeutic or spiritual purposes.


A unique property of 'the Vine of the Soul' is that this plant has a very pure high vibrational frequency. A plant has no ego and therefore a purer vibration than us humans. Human feelings and emotions such as acceptance, love, happiness, and gratitude have a high vibrational frequency.

The high vibrational frequency of the Vine ensures that emotions with lower vibrations such as fear, guilt, and shame are released and vibrated upwards in your system. In this way, these emotions become observable and give you the opportunity to clear and heal them and achieve acceptance, love, happiness, and gratitude. The effects of a ceremony with this plant medicine can be physically, emotionally, and spiritually intense.


Magic mushrooms, also known as psilocybin mushrooms, are naturally occurring fungi that contain psilocybin, a hallucinogenic compound. They have been used for centuries in spiritual and shamanic practices. Psilocybin is also the psychoactive substance in truffles. The difference between the two is that truffles grow in the dark under the surface, whereas mushrooms grow in light on the ground. Because of the different growth processes, it is said that a different frequency can be sensed.

When consumed, psilocybin is converted into psilocin, which interacts with serotonin receptors in the brain, leading to altered perception, sensory enhancements, and changes in thinking patterns. Magic mushrooms can induce a range of effects, including euphoria, introspection, and spiritual experiences.

It’s important to mention that the use of these plant medicines should be approached with caution and respect, as they can have profound psychological and physiological effects. It is important to ensure safe and responsible usage, preferably under the guidance of experienced practitioners or in a controlled therapeutic setting.

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