Alamyn B.V. takes the privacy, safety, and security of personal data seriously. Alamyn B.V. has established this 'Privacy and Cookie Statement' to inform you about the safeguarding and processing of personal data.

Processing of personal data by Alamyn B.V. may process personal data from you because you (personally or through a company) order services and/or products from Alamyn B.V. and/or because you provide this data yourself. Dewi Louise is the co-owner of Alamyn B.V. and is also the owner of Dewi Lousie Inc., which provides the same services. Therefore, it is possible that personal data may have been transferred from Dewi Lousie Inc. to Alamyn B.V.. However, no personal data is exchanged and/or provided from Alamyn B.V. to Dewi Louise Inc. or any other party.

Alamyn B.V. can process the following personal data:

Contact details: Alamyn B.V. uses your name, (possible company) and contact details such as address, phone number, and email address to communicate with you about the execution of the agreed service provision. Alamyn B.V. also adds the contact details to the subscriber list of the newsletter of Alamyn B.V. The newsletter contains relevant articles, information about services and/or products from Alamyn B.V., and related matters. Each newsletter contains a link to unsubscribe. The subscriber list of the newsletter is not provided to third parties.

Intake data: Personal information shared via the intake form is solely intended for the preparation of a session, retreat, ceremony, process, or program. This information is not shared with third parties.

Visitor data: The visitor data are tracked on the website of Alamyn B.V. Refer to the Cookies section of this document for more information about the use of personal data on the website.

Payment details: Alamyn B.V. uses your payment details, such as bank account number and any credit card details, for processing payments in the context of an agreement.

Sharing with third parties Alamyn B.V. may share personal data with third parties for the following purposes:

Service providers: Alamyn B.V. shares personal data with engaged service providers/employees/facilitators/guides to carry out their work for Alamyn B.V. correctly and efficiently. These companies may be located in the Netherlands, Europe, or outside Europe. Alamyn B.V. enters into a data processing agreement with companies processing your data on behalf to ensure the same level of Privacy, Safety, Security, and confidentiality of your data. Alamyn B.V. remains responsible for these processes. Finally, Alamyn B.V. provides your personal data to other third parties only with your consent.

Government authorities: Alamyn B.V. will only provide personal data to government authorities at the request of government agencies in accordance with relevant laws and regulations.


Alamyn B.V. uses various types of cookies when providing services on the website. A cookie is a small text file that is placed on the hard drive of your computer when you visit the website. A cookie contains data so that you can be recognized as a visitor each time you visit the website.

You can always disable cookies in your web browser without significant consequences for the use of the website. However, this may result in certain parts of the website being less or no longer accessible to you. Additionally, you can also delete all previously stored information through your browser settings.

The following cookies are used on the website:

Alamyn B.V. uses functional cookies necessary for the proper operation of the website.

Alamyn B.V. uses cookies for web analytics services (such as Google Analytics). Through these cookies, Alamyn B.V. gains insight into website visits by providing information on visitor numbers, popular pages, and topics, allowing Alamyn B.V. to better tailor communication and information provision to the needs of website visitors. Read here about Google's privacy policy: and about Google Analytics' specific privacy policy:

The information collected by Google is anonymized as much as possible. The information obtained is transferred to and stored by Google on its servers in the United States. Google may provide this information to third parties if required by law, or to the extent that these third parties process information on behalf of Google. Alamyn B.V. has no control over this. Alamyn B.V. has not given Google permission to use the information obtained through Alamyn B.V. for other Google services. Google is committed to adhering to the Privacy Shield Principles and is part of the Privacy Shield Program of the United States Department of Commerce. This program ensures a suitable level of protection for the processing of any personal data by Google.

Lastly, cookies from social networks such as LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest are used on the website. The latter cookies only apply if you use the respective service and allow you to link, share, or tweet messages.

Links to other websites 

The website may display links to external websites and organizations. Alamyn B.V. is not responsible for the use of your data by those organizations. Please read the privacy statement of the respective website you are visiting for more information.

Retention period of personal data

Alamyn B.V. does not retain your personal data longer than necessary to achieve the objectives and to comply with legal obligations. Under tax law, there is a retention obligation of seven years for certain information such as quotations and invoices. Other information is kept for five years or three years after the end of the last service/program/contract.

Upon expiration of the retention period, Alamyn B.V. destroys your personal data.

Accessing, modifying, or deleting personal data 

You have the right to access, correct, or delete your personal data. You can send a request for access, correction, or deletion to [email protected]. Alamyn B.V. will respond to your request in writing as soon as possible, but at least within four weeks.

Safety & Security 

Alamyn B.V. takes the protection of your personal data seriously and implements appropriate measures to prevent misuse, loss, unauthorized access, unwanted disclosure, and unauthorized alteration. Alamyn B.V. has security procedures to prevent unauthorized access to this data or the loss of personal data.

If you believe that your personal data are not properly secured, have indications of misuse of your personal data by Alamyn B.V., or if you want more information about the security of the personal data processed by Alamyn B.V., please contact Alamyn B.V. via [email protected].

Alamyn B.V. can be reached as follows:

Address: Oudedijk 16, 3612 AB Tienhoven UT, Netherlands

Chamber of Commerce registration number: 92775233

Phone: 06 248 32 123

Email: [email protected]

Complaints If you have complaints about the processing of your personal data by Alamyn B.V., Alamyn B.V. requests you to contact Alamyn B.V. via [email protected] as soon as possible. Alamyn B.V. will respond in writing within four weeks. If you disagree with our response, you can file a complaint with the Dutch Data Protection Authority. For more information, please visit:

Changes Alamyn B.V. reserves the right to make changes to the 'Privacy & Cookie Statement'. Therefore, regularly review the 'Privacy & Cookie Statement' for updates.